TipSee: Over The Top Bloody Mary

Bigger is always better, and that goes for the Over The Top Burger’s Bloody Marys (plural, yes there are three). Inspired by a northern establishment, owner Travis Binns brought this ridiculously good hair of the dog fixer to their Buford, GA burger bar as part of their Jazz Brunch menu.  

“The key to any good Bloody Mary is the mix regardless of what you spruce it up with as well as pairing it with a “Sidecar,” says Binn.  [For those who don’t know what a “Sidecar” is, it is a side of beer, so as you start to drink your bloody you can add beer to it, which helps compliment and break down the mix as you enjoy!]

The O.T.T. Bloody Mary is a unique experience with the attention to detail involved in assembling the masterpiece, from garnishes down to the celery salt sprinkle. They may take a little bit of time to assemble, but promise to be worth the wait and every calorie they include.  Their menu offers three different Bloody Mary experiences that are impressive feasts and feats to tackle.

CALL OUT with cool graphic 1-3 Bloody marys..

  1. “The Basic” – This is our Run of the Mill Bloody Mary. Starting with Vodka, Seaside Grown Bloody Mary Mix (Regular or Spicy) topped with Wisconsin White Cheddar Cheese Curds, Assorted Veggie Skewer, Candied Maple Bacon, Bison Sausage & served with a 5 oz. Sidecar of Our Over The Top Lager, this is our entry-level bloody

  1. “The Bad” – This is The Basic PLUS a Bratwurst, 2 Taquitos, Seasoned Shrimp, Sidewinder Fries, Chicken Wings and served with a 16 oz. Sidecar of Our Over The Top Lager, this is our mid-level bloody.

  1. “The Boujee” – This is our Monster Bloody Mary. Add The Basic and The Bad together PLUS, Stadium Pretzel, two Over The Top Cheeseburgers & served with a 16 oz. Sidecar of Our Over The Top Lager, this is our BIGGEST & Boujeeist bloody we have.

Bloody Mary Bartender Assembly Tips:

Originally, they made their mix because they felt it was a “cardinal sin” not to. But then they found Seaside Grown Bloody Mary Mix and have NOT looked back. (Seaside Grown – The Local Farmer’s Brand). The bartenders also suggest: Don’t Be Stingy! Don’t skimp on the fixins or the spirit of your choosing (typically Vodka). This may be hard for some to process, but if you’re making your mix from scratch, keep in mind that the key to any good Bloody Mary mix is Anchovies.