Sweet Puff and Savory Pizza Picnic

Fire & Stone Italian Pizza Kitchen
5215 Town Center Blvd.
Suite 610
Peachtree Corners, GA 30092

Bearded Papas
5215 Town Center Blvd., Suite 620
Peachtree Corners, GA 30092

You know the pizza must be good when Peachtree Corners greenspace has specially designed trash cans just for the pizza boxes. In search of a delectable sweet treat, we happened upon a complete meal by grabbing “take out” from two neighboring restaurants in town center that made the perfect picnic from Fire & Stone Italian Pizza Kitchen and Bearded Papas cream puffs.  


Fire & Stone serves Neopolitan and N.Y. Style pizzas made with fresh ingredients and prepared at 800° in wood-fired ovens. For purity sake, the order was simple: Neapolitan 12” Cheese with San Marzano sauce & aged mozzarella. The “Double Zero” flour crust creates a soft, light airy crust. The pizza was turned in 10 minutes with the perfectly browned crust and bubbly-gooey cheese that only fire can produce! Simple and simply delicious, especially when this foodie was expecting just a regular run-of-the-mill pizza. 


Bearded Papas started as a small bakery in Osaka, Japan, over 20 years ago. Famed by the baker’s fluffy white beard to the local patrons, he “decided to make a pastry as fluffy and lovable as his beard, and cream puffs were just the treat.” 

While the shop is currently take-out only, the treats are worth the grab-and-go. The made-to-order menu is mix and match, so you can customize your shell and filling. We chose a chocolate eclair filled with vanilla and an Oreo crumble eclair filled with chocolate filling. The best cream puff part of this delicacy is the double-layered puff–choux on the inside and pie crust on the outside. Followed by the perfect filling, made with a mixture of whipped and custard creams.

The best way to enjoy both is to grab them to go and head over to the Peachtree Corners Town Green. Find yourself a patio table in the shade overlooking the grass noel while the kids play on the playscapes, and if you’re lucky, you can catch an outdoor concert.