Good Word says it all! It’s a message from you to one another, for you to share ‘good words’ with each other and, we hope, put in ‘a good word’ as well. “Enjoy your time with us,” we like to say. “Enjoy your time with each other! Let us fill your glass and clear the plates as you sit back and relax in good company.”

Good Word Brewing & Public House is, at its heart, a village and the folks who make up that community. It’s a staff that puts hospitality before everything else, and it’s a collection of neighbors, leaders, youth and even misfits—all are welcomed here, and you are all a part of what makes Good Word, Good Word.

Here at Good Word, we don’t have televisions, allegiances or affiliations to teams or organizations. It’s for passionate folks. Folks who love food, folks who love beer and folks looking to just escape the house. It’s a place to meet new friends and reconnect with old ones; it’s a place to share stories, to celebrate, to propose, to commiserate and to communicate.

We serve delicious Latin & Southern food and the absolute best beer we can produce—we’ve taken the time to prepare and wait for it so you won’t need to! We pride ourselves on empathetic and patient service, but these are all just a backdrop to our intent to provide a seamless, no-interruptions experience for you, our guests.

We are community driven because we are driven by the community—we are a Public House.