WE DiG: Grazing Boards

You may ask, “What exactly is a grazing board?” The answer is simple: whatever you want it to be! Similar to its proper first cousin, the charcuterie board, it includes a variety of tasty flavors but with a whimsical twist.

‘Tis the season for last-minute holiday and football get-togethers, and both are perfect excuses to throw a fabulous board together. There’s no need to get fancy; you can find the essentials in one stop, as we did at Joy Co. Market in Braselton. Then, add a few pantry staples to complete this sure-to-be crowd-pleaser!

Tips to guide you (don’t be afraid to go off script!):

Create for the eye – Include various colors and textures.

Please the palate – Incorporate several cheeses and a few add-ons to complement each.

Add an interesting meat – Like Southern prosciutto (AKA Country Ham)!

Include a few salty treats – Snacks like pretzels, chips, “everything” crackers and cheese straws are all acceptable.

Add at least one sweet – I highly recommend dark chocolate popcorn.

A few briny items – You cannot go wrong with garlic dill pickles, olives, etc.

Get nutty – Try some Praline Pecans.

What’s in the pantry? – Check the stock of hot honey, pickles and jams.

Be creative with the unexpected – Try the BBQ pork rinds made in Flowery Branch…a surprising hit every time!

Choose local whenever possible – Especially when out-of-towners visit. Share what’s so special about the place where we live and play!


Our top-tier recommendation for a one-stop shop to make your own grazing board:

Joy Co. Market
56 Henry St.
Braselton, GA