Never Have I Ever… Made a Gingerbread House

Never have I ever thought about making a gingerbread house…but this holiday season seemed like the perfect time to give it a shot. Usually, I opt for more traditional activities like decorating the Christmas tree, baking goodies or watching my favorite holiday movies. So, the idea of building an edible house intrigued me, and ended up being so much fun!

My first task was gathering supplies from the store. The essentials included gingerbread pieces, icing and lots (and I mean lots) of colorful candies. During the holidays, the stores are filled with all sorts of treats like mini candy canes, gumdrops and chocolate chips. I purchased anything I thought I might need to decorate my gingerbread house.

The first and most important, yet trickiest, step was putting the gingerbread house together. Using the icing as glue to stick the pieces together took some patience, but in the end, it took its shape and was ready for the best part – decorating!

My family set out with one mission: to let our imaginations run wild and transform our home into a magical wonderland! We added gumdrop trees, candy cane doors, colorful M&M’s and Skittles as lights, marshmallows for a snowy roof and a fence made with licorice sticks.

The whole process was like making art with candy, and I couldn’t resist trying some sweets as I worked to make sure they were tasty enough for the house! When it was all done, the gingerbread house looked delicious and whimsical.

In the end, the real magic happened when my family and friends took our final look at the gingerbread house. Our faces filled with joy as we all broke off pieces of the gingerbread walls and enjoyed the sweet treat.

I realized that trying something I’d never done before, like making a gingerbread house, turned into a special part of my holidays. It’s not just about building and decorating but spending time with loved ones and feeling the holiday spirit.

So, if you’ve never made a gingerbread house, give it a try. It’s a fun way to share some delicious treats during the holidays, and it might become a tradition you love and look forward to every year!