Tipsy: Indio Brewing

Indio owner and brewer Jonathan Martinez calls his beers “Cerveza Artesanal.”
Translation: Craft Beer with a Spanish twist.

Their tap selection is diverse with IPAs, sours and lagers, and most have a tropical flavor enhancement to give a nod to their culture. What sets them apart is their optional garnish! A rim of Tajin can be added to your beer to give it a unique kick, unlike any other brew house in the area.

Tajin is tangy, citrusy and salty with a slight bit of heat. It is a combo of chili, lime and salt that enhances sweet and savory flavors. Indio uses it to complement their beers and cocktail rims, adding a bit of surprise to every sip.

The dynamic husband and wife team behind Indio Brewing started the brewery six years ago in their kitchen like most good experiments. But soon, they needed their own dedicated spaces to create. Betsy told Jonathan to “get your own room,” and that’s exactly what he did when he opened the brewery.

When asked about the creation of their unique brand and hashtag, they attribute it all to their Spanish roots. Indio is slang for someone “doing their own thing, their own way because they want to.” And that is just what Indio promotes as their vibe: no rules to conform to and an invitation to be yourself- as long as you’re not being a “prick, as their tagline states. (#dontbeaprick ties in nicely with their cactus logo).

Beyond sipping on a cerveza, all visitors to the Indio taproom enjoy a taste of Latin culture, including evenings filled with salsa classes, stand-up comedy, exotic plant sales and live music.