Tipsee: Non-Alcoholic Beer for the New Year

Dry January, a month-long break from alcohol, is a tradition for many people. For some, it’s part of a New Year’s resolution to drink less, while others claim it’s a way to “detox” from excessive drinking over the holidays. Whatever your reason for an alcohol-free new year, taking a break from alcohol, even a short one, can have massive benefits for your health.

You may notice weight loss from consuming fewer calories on nights out, an undisrupted sleep schedule, or clearer thinking as a result. You’ll even begin to boost your body’s immune system. 

However, the thought of skipping out on social gatherings or resisting a craving for your favorite cocktail may deter you from taking a hiatus. Thankfully, there are many solutions to those problems these days. One of them being Rightside Brewing, a non-alcoholic (NA) brewing company right here in Gwinnett County.  

Rightside prides itself on its ability to craft NA beers so well you won’t notice anything missing from your drink. Not to mention, Rightside’s brews contain all of the positive health benefits of actual beer and none of the negatives. “It is proven that, like wine, beer can offer heart-healthy benefits, so a non-alcoholic option will do the same,” explains their blog.

Use Rightside’s product finder to locate a can near you to bring along on a night out or substitute it in place of beer in your favorite cocktail recipe to satisfy your craving without inducing any of those nasty after-effects. If you need some mocktail inspiration to get you through Dry January, Rightside has you covered with a list of perfect mocktail pairings for their NA beer. Our favorites are the Mango Refresher made with their IPA, Mango Nectar and chile/lime spice for something fruity, or the Mexican Michelada for a savory sip with a bit of a punch. 

The future of Rightside is bright, as they are now included in the NA Section at the Mercedes Benz Stadium. Emree, Rightside’s founder, says, “It’s incredible to see the tide shifting at these larger venues. People are moderating their alcohol intake, and consumer demand is shifting to alcohol-alternative options.”

So, don’t be afraid to ditch alcohol for a month or so. You never know how much you and your body may appreciate it.