The Best Meals on Four Wheels: Gwinnett’s Food Truck Scene


Remember when going to a festival or park meant eating ho-hum hamburgers, hot dogs and – if you were really lucky – a funnel cake? Thanks to the insane popularity of food trucks, not only can festival-goers expect a wide range of gourmet goodies, but every day foodies can track down quick, epicurean eats on the cheap anytime, anywhere.

Moving beyond just food festivals, these curbside kitchens have become a force to be reckoned with in the food industry. With the proliferation of smartphones and social media, fans can track down their favorite trucks in minutes. The Atlanta area boasts 78 food trucks at last count, compared to 260 trucks serving Los Angeles (L.A. is considered the home of mobile cuisine). Expect more restaurant chains, such as Waffle House, Taco Bell, and Starbucks, to roll out mobile options in the near future.

Some of our

personal local favorites:

The Fry Guy

Is there truly anything more wonderful than a perfectly seasoned, slightly droopy-with-grease French fry? Technically, Fry Guy serves Belgian style street fries, but po-TAY-to, po-TAH-to (literally). Served in a cone with a variety of condiment options, these hand-cut delights fall into the starchy carbs category, which is at the base of the food pyramid – which means we should eat lots of them.

Try: Parmesan truffle fries

Happy Belly (on the cover!)

The only food truck in the world with a Big Green Egg inside, Happy Belly features all-natural, organic, seasonal foods cooked over maple hardwood charcoal for the perfect, smoky flavor that reminds you of camping (but way better, cause who hikes a Big Green Egg to the campsite?). Farm-to-table goes farm-to-street.

Try: Not-so-ordinary chicken sandwich

The Blaxican

Sounds racist, totally isn’t. The name of this delicious Mexican soul food truck came from the nickname given to owner Will Turner by a friend years ago. Though it does have a bit of shock value, Turner believes it’s the perfect word to describe his culinary style. He has a heart for people, as well as cooking: Blaxican donates their tips to organizations that feed the hungry throughout Atlanta.

Try: Collard greens quesadilla

Mac the Cheese

It’s an entire food truck dedicated to macaroni and cheese. What more do we need to say?

Try: Buffalo chicken mac with bleu cheese and celery

The Bento Bus

As delightful as greasy foods are, sometimes you want something a little lighter from your food truck food. Enter Bento Bus: healthy, Japanese-inspired cuisine for Atlanta area street foodies. As a bonus, Bento Bus sources locally, uses as many organic ingredients as they can, and uses eco-friendly wares and utensils.

Try: Asian nachos with deep fried wonton chips

The Loaded Burger

Specializing in gourmet street food, this truck will have your taste buds on overload. All items are stuffed from the INSIDE OUT!

Try: BB King Burger, melted crumbled blue cheese, applewood smoked bacon, citrus chipotle BBQ sauce

Nana G’s

Chicken and Waffles

Yes, there is a real Nana G – she just celebrated her 102nd birthday and was cooking her infamous recipe for her family long before chicken and waffles became trendy. Family owned and operated by her grandsons – who had the idea to start the food truck over drinks in South Beach – Nana’s recipes range from her simple Belgian-style waffles to her top-secret 48-hour fried chicken.

Try: Bacon-infused Belgian waffle with seasoned

fried chicken strips