Crave: Taste Test: King Kong Milk Tea

King Kong Milk Tea & Juice
1680 Mall Of Georgia Blvd Ste # 1725
Buford, GA 30519

Summer has finally arrive, the ability to conduct “business as usual” either has or is about to return (this is being written during quarantine time) and the need to try something hip/new is a must.  Gwinnett’s great melting pot of taste buds is a blessing to bring new and exciting tastes to our attention. 

Bubble Milk Tea has always been an intriguing concept with the fun flavors, colorful combos and add-ins of  “pearls.”  In search of a cure for our curiosity and fun foodie adventure we tested out King Kong Milk Tea & Juice by the Mall of Georgia in Buford.  

Being novices at this, we asked the dude at the counter for directions because everything is SUPER customizable.  It was a little overwhelming to see all the options, unlike Starbucks, they list out EVERYTHING you can possibly ask for on their menu on the wall of drink categories, …sea salt milk foam toppings, popping boba flavors, fresh fruit toppings, milk tea flavors, juices combos, etc.  (bonus: look up the menu online, they have images of all the drinks to help).  We selected a strawberry milk tea with mango popping boba for a simple start.  

Majority of the drinks are sweet with a tea base (teas are caffeinated– something we overlooked when we gave it to a 5 year old foodie) “milky” from a non-dairy creamer, sweetened with honey/sugar and fragrant spices.  For a walk on the “traditional side” they suggested we try Taro which is a popular flavor combined with the black boba (black tapioca pearls) and Lychee jelly topping.      

Just like any other hand crafted drink, watching the “tearista” create the drink step by step was fascinating as he was mixing all types of powders, liquids and textures into this pretty concoction.   An unexpected twist was the ‘sealing of the drink with plastic cellophane, which allows the tea to be vigorously shaken in the serving cup to combine all the flavors [and makes it spill-free until you’re ready to drink it . The perfect “TO GO” drink before a little shopping around the MOG. ] To drink, you STAB the cup lid with the oversized straw to suck up the pearls and tea. 

As a newbie, it was a little overwhelming all the options and choices, but I can see how this sweet little spot near Costco might become our new go to place to try new combinations, and the variety of teas, milk based drinks, juices, coffee drinks, smoothies, ice cream, mochi and sweet treats will satisfy the entire family’s taste buds.