LISTEN/LOOK: Arts & Culture from Home – Hudgens Center for Art and Learning

The Hudgens Center for Art and Learning is a 34,000 square-foot facility and sculpture garden located in Duluth. The numerous artistic options at the Hudgens Center offer a great way to brighten your artistic palette within the art world right here in Gwinnett. Whether the enjoyment of taking in an art exhibit is what you desire, or expanding your art knowledge with hands-on classes and workshops, Hudgens offers numerous ways to stimulate the inner Picasso in anyone!

Photo credit: Amanda Greene

Artistic Exhibits

Currently the Southern Values exhibit is taking place through the end of July. Featuring an art assemblage by three southern artists with Georgia roots, you’re sure to experience an array of art primed to awaken the spirit of the south. The artists include Shanequa Gay, Amanda Greene and Joni Mabe. The curator of this exhibit is Mary Stanley. While Mary isn’t originally from the south, once here she fell in love with the Georgia scene and chose to raise her children here. Put a note in your sketchbook to check out this tribute to the south, or head over to Hudgens’ Facebook page to listen to the recorded Southern Values Artist Talk!

A Virtual Composition of Classes

While the Hudgens Center is temporarily closed due to the pandemic, art options available to the public are moving forward via an online route. Classes in painting, drawing and character illustration, sculpture, pottery and ceramic surface design can be taken online from the comfort of your home. It was Ralph Waldo Emerson who said, “Every artist was first an amateur,” and with online options abound, this might be the perfect time to learn a new skill! Visit to sign up for a class or workshop today!

Crafting Community

The importance of the Gwinnett community is also something overflowing at the Hudgens Center. From their smART program providing scholarship opportunities to Toddler Friday (for children ages 1-4), family day, art therapy and field trips, Hudgens helps bring art to all! Weaving the whole Gwinnett community together through the common thread of art frames, the Hudgens Center operates from the perspective of loving and including all.

Make Your Masterpiece

If you’re ready to throw some color on your canvas, The Dig would like to commission you to take a trip, whether online or in person, to Hudgens. With so many options for all ages, finding your perfect blend to foster your inner creative is as simple as the stroke of a brush…or maybe the click of a mouse!

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