Listen, this DiGger does not like grits, this DiGger DOES love crab cakes…
…But as amazing as the crab cakes were at Parkside District (and they were – fresh, jumbo chunks of crab meat softly toasted with hints of citrus), they cannot compare to the sheer ambrosia that is the shrimp and grits. Ambrosia, as in food of the gods? EXACTLY. And this DiGger is not the only one – this truly southern combo has been a Parkside favorite since its opening in 2016 and holds the title of the ‘most ordered dish’ so far!

So what makes this recipe stand out? It could start with the fact that ‘grits’ on a Georgia menu naturally attract lots of consumer attention, or maybe it’s that Parkside uses stone ground grits, resulting in more of a risotto texture…but it could also have to do with the culinary work behind the scenes. Parkside District’s expert chefs pride themselves on their out-of-the-blue, flavorful and one-of-a-kind dishes. They also make use of concepts like farm-to-table by using as many locally grown foods and small businesses as possible. Take their chocolate sea salt bread pudding, for instance, made with Jeni’s Ice Cream! And don’t get us started on their heavenly rendition of bananas foster cheesecake….

Every meal at Parkside District creates the perfect combination of exclusive dishes you will definitely love, and something new you have certainly never tried before! They even make proficient use of those ‘forgotten vegetables’ such as parsnips and shallots. What more could you want? From their luscious lunch menu to delectable dessert, this is not somewhere you can go just once! You’ll have to become a regular to try all their delicious and appetizing options.

Parkside District

909 Parkside Walk Lane

Lawrenceville, GA 30043