Skateboard Pilates

What appears to be equally a good way to get washboard abs AND a broken wrist, Skateboard Pilates has already taken the chic, fit girls of Paris by storm. The board adds an extra challenge to squats and lunges, while also providing a full-body workout that improves flexibility and balance. Check out for 12 moves to try with your board.


If you’re a former ALTA all-star but have found that your knees just aren’t as young as they used to be, then Pickleball is the sport for you. The game is essentially tennis, but on a badminton-sized court, played with a Whiffle ball and a cross between a racquetball racquet and a ping pong paddle, and scored like volleyball. Got that? What you really need to know: it’s a fast-paced, super fun, joints-friendly cardio activity.


If you’re so over Zumba and hip hop, it’s time to add a new bounce to your workout step. As the name indicates, Kangoo is a HIIT dance class that involves special dance shoes that allow you to bounce like a kangaroo. The low-impact bounce shoes absorb up to 80 percent of shock, allowing for a killer cardio workout and calf-toning, all while feeling like a complete idiot. Visit Kangoo Club Atlanta to find a class near you.

SUP Yoga

…as in Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga, not a bunch of dudes standing around in yoga pants saying, “S’up?” This particular brand of yoga is practiced on a paddleboard instead of a mat and takes place on Lake Lanier instead of in a studio. Expect benefits such as core conditioning, improved balance, mental focus, and sweat/lake-water-drenched yoga pants. Another benefit: the water is there to catch you if you fall.

The Boxx Method

Don’t let the term “virtual boxing” bring back fond childhood memories of Mike Tyson Punch Out (shout out to Soda Popinksi!). The Boxx Method employs a monthly or annual subscription which grants access to an online library of intense, 30-minute videos of choreographed sequences that you can do at home. Five shadow-boxing rounds, alternated with high-intensity intervals, and a ‘knockout round’ at the end reputedly burns 600 calories and continues to burn calories for 12 hours after you’ve KO-ed your workout.

Goat Yoga

We’ve written about goat yoga in this publication before, but would be remiss if we didn’t mention it again. Goat yoga is not yoga for goats; the Billys serve more like therapy animals in this instance. Goat yoga offers adorable, friendly, loving goats that wander around the class just hoping to get snuggled by a human. Downward-dog-meets-jumping-goat.