Did you know we have our very own princess here at The DiG? That’s right! Between hosting tournament guests and mingling with the community, the ever fair and graceful Princess Catalina of Medieval Times Atlanta (also known as Ashlyn Süpper) also works here with us! We asked our resident princess to let us tag along one day and teach us a thing or two about being a royal.

Here’s what we learned:

1. Always be courteous and greet every guest with a smile.

From the lowest serf to the highest noble, everyone deserves equal courtesy. Princess Catalina ensures no guest ever feels unwelcome at her castle!

2. Disney told us wrong. To be on time is to be late!

“A queen is never late. Everyone else is simply early,” or so we’ve heard. Not so. Arriving 75 minutes before the show gets you first dibs on seats, the chance to explore cool places like the dungeon, and time to visit Princess Catalina!

3. No task is beneath a princess.

Sure, a princess has many important duties. But so does everyone else in the castle! Sometimes others need a hand, and Princess Catalina is always there to help.

4. Chivalry is for everyone, not just the Knights of the Realm.

Chivalry—that knightly code of honor—is the standard by which all should live (ahem – dudes of Hollywood). Princess Catalina always stands up for what’s right, and has defended innocents on many an occasion.

5. A princess is a princess no matter the time and place.

These lessons are not just for the spotlight. Even when her tiara comes off, Princess Catalina still embodies the essence of a true princess!