So…You Say You’re Bored

Yeah, me too. And I’ve taken a lot of solace in Disney+. Besides introducing my kids to my childhood (“Ch-Ch-Ch-Chip & Dale…Rescue Rangers!”), I’ve also rediscovered a few favorites of my own, such as Tangled. And what better film to watch during quarantine—there’s an entire song dedicated to how Rapunzel has kept herself busy for 16 years of being trapped in a tower. And I’d totally forgotten that her kingdom is named…Corona. Yeah. That’s some creepy coincidental stuff.

And so I’ll read a book, or maybe two or three

Who among us doesn’t have a pile of unread books perched precariously on the nightstand? Or a to-read list on their phone that will take a lifetime to complete? Or even an unread library book or two, just racking up fines? (Side note, good news—the Gwinnett Library is currently closed and there are no late fines!) This is an unprecedented time (in my life, anyway) to finally put a dent in your reading list. Don’t have a reading list? First of all…that’s kinda weird, dude. Second of all, there is inspiration everywhere. I had a friend once who was working his way through all of the classic books that were painted above the coffee shop at Barnes & Noble. Or, you can just join a book club. You can even join a celebrity’s book club. I highly recommend Hello Sunshine—Reese Witherspoon has never steered me wrong. 

I’ll add a few new paintings to my gallery

You can learn anything on YouTube. I learned how to snake my toilet, create a killer compost pile and change my oil all thanks to YouTube. I have also taken this previously mentioned unprecedented opportunity to learn how to watercolor, which is something I’ve been meaning to do for years. Let’s Make Art offers monthly subscription boxes that come fully stocked with four projects, plenty of paint, watercolor paper and step-by-step instructions, plus tutorials on their YouTube channel. They also feature boxes that focus on art journaling and lettering. – prices vary

And cook and basically just wonder when will my life begin?


Full disclosure: I am not a cook. I hate cooking. I cook only because my family gets hangry. BUT—I worship at the altar of Joanna Gaines. She is my queen. And my queen has released her second cookbook, and told me to bake. I received Magnolia Table Volume 2 as an early Mother’s Day gift, and much like its predecessor, it does not disappoint. The first thing I did was flip to the oatmeal cream pie recipe that she mentioned in an interview and begin baking. While the oatmeal cookies were in the oven, I sat down to peruse the rest of the book and prepare a to-bake list of items that will most surely make this the “COVID 19” (think “Freshmen 15,” but with four extra pounds).

Magnolia Table Volume 2 by Joanna Gaines – $21 on Amazon