Small Business Spotlight: Peachy Corners Cafe


6365 Spalding Dr D, Peachtree Corners, GA 30092
(678) 691-0547
Facebook: @peachycorners
Instagram: @peachy_corners_cafe 

Long Tran and Susie Martono-Tran started 2020 with a plan to bring local, handcrafted beverages and snacks to Peachtree Corners, which didn’t have anything of the sort at the time. Opening Peachy Corners Cafe just weeks before the rise of COVID was anything but ideal, but they managed to make it work and stay afloat with love and support from the community. Today, they operate two locations: the original Peachtree Corners location remains tucked in a nook off Spalding Drive, and their new location in Alpharetta can be found on Windward Parkway. 

While Susie had dreamt of opening a boba shop, the idea of Peachy Corners Cafe didn’t spark until years later. Long was working on a movie in Europe, where he fell in love with the ways Europeans made coffee and knew he wanted to bring their techniques and flavors back to the US with him. When he and Susie noticed local parents and community members were in search of a spot to meet up and work that had wifi access and, of course, lots and lots of caffeine, they knew they could fill this need. By combining Susie’s outstanding boba skills with the knowledge Long had gained in Europe, they opened Peachy Corners Cafe and specialized in both coffee and boba teas. 

While most people prefer one to the other, you haven’t experienced Peachy Corners if you haven’t tried both their coffee and boba. Both have been mastered thanks to the husband/wife duo of Long and Susie. Don’t just take our word for it!

Peachy Corners sticks out among other coffee and boba shops in the area because they emphasize serving quality beverages in a welcoming environment, as opposed to the quick service that is so common nowadays. No need to leave the kids at home, and you certainly won’t be rushed out the door after ordering. Instead, the cafe provides games and activities for kids and welcomes those who run in for a quick midday pick-me-up to slow down and stay awhile.

They also serve the community beyond the walls of their cafe. By partnering with local schools, participating in fundraising efforts for causes near and dear to their hearts and even donating food and drinks to nurses and hospital staff as the pandemic continues to play out, rest assured, Peachy Corners is a spot worth your investment. 

With the holiday season approaching and their Alpharetta location opening just a few months ago, new and exciting things are on the horizon for Peachy Corners. Along with the peppermint, pumpkin and hazelnut flavors of their holiday menu (which they hinted are available year-round in case you’re feeling Christmas-y next July), they’re rolling out some unique boba drinks this holiday season as well. Plus, with the addition of a kitchen at their Alpharetta location, they are currently in the works of serving traditional Vietnamese dishes like pho and banh mi as well. 

While Peachy Corners Cafe seeks to serve the community, it also relies on the community for support, so share the love and opt for a locally-made peppermint mocha instead this holiday season (you might even like it more than the Starbucks version)!