Hot summer nights call for kicking back with some classic rock and country music combined with pub-style food and fun with friends. Enter Hank Bird & The Borderline Band. This local band started as a group with four members about twenty years ago. Today there are five members and they love to bring you the hits of classic rock, country and some R&B. This tight knit group illustrates what true friendship, brotherhood and fun can bring to the stage in a cozy and casual tavern atmosphere.


The five band members include Wilson Braswell, Mike Cunningham, George Calhoun, Jim Tanner and Hank Bird. Everyone in the band is Georgia grown, except Wilson, who hails from Talladega, Alabama. The others are from Hiawasse, Covington, Auburn and Atlanta, respectively. When asked how he got into music, Hank tells of a childhood filled with guitar jam sessions, starring Hank’s dad and his friends. Hank began incessantly asking for a guitar of his own; the fortuitous occurrence of having his tonsils removed caused his dad to finally give in. Hank received his very first guitar right there in the hospital, and a love of playing music was born.


Hank Bird & The Borderline Band travel all over the north Georgia area for shows. If they have to travel too far, you can catch them hitting the road in Wilson’s motorhome, which has been known to get stuck out in the deep south wilderness… but was saved once by a Toyota truck–definitely a story that gives the band a chuckle. You can typically find them at a local bar and grill in and around Gwinnett County. To see where they are performing or to book them for a show, find them on Facebook at Hank Bird & The Borderline Band. You will know if Hank made a post to Facebook because he always signs his posts with “Just Hank It.” The band plays with a passion for music that will leave you reminiscing about the good ol’ days and they describe their band as having a live rock and country soul music sound. So if you’re feeling the need to just hang out with friends, enjoy a cold one and listen to some classics, look up Hank Bird & The Borderline Band. The band is sure to get you moving and grooving, and we dig it!