#IG Worthy


Nowadays, we’re all scrambling to capture the best #instaworthy photos to share with the world, and there’s no better location for an IG photoshoot than the great outdoors. The best part is, you don’t have to be an expert to achieve incredible outdoor photos. In fact, with your favorite outdoor spot, an iPhone and a few tips and tricks we’ve gathered, you’ll be just a few posts away from a gorgeous Instagram feed. 

Our Tips for Shooting Outdoors on an iPhone:

Shoot at the correct time of day. Direct sunlight can create harsh shadows and bad contrast. The most popular time to shoot is just after sunrise or just before sunset, as this creates the softest light.

Pay attention to composition. It’s recommended to follow the rule of thirds. You can do this by dividing your screen into an (imaginary) 3X3 grid and placing the focal point where the grid lines intersect.

Get your exposure just right by manually adjusting it. Do this by tapping the screen and sliding your finger up to make it brighter, or down to make it darker. One thing to look at when adjusting exposure is the sky. If the sky looks white, your photo will be washed out and overexposed.

Of course, if you already are a photographer looking to expand your portfolio, or if you’re just willing to put in the extra effort to become a pro, we have tips for you too. I know what you’re thinking, and no, we certainly aren’t experts on the hobby, but Jennifer Mottola, our go-to photographer is! So we went to her for some of her best advice for amateur photographers looking to improve their skill set.

Jennifer’s Tips for Shooting Outdoors with Gear:

Practice! Know your camera. Shoot in Manual to get it to work for YOU! Understanding the exposure triangle will definitely make you better as well. 

Invest in a good lens if you want to take wildlife to the next level. Used gear is always available and worth it! 

When you spot your subject, look around, take in the whole scene and move to a different angle if you have to. It can make or break a photo. When you can sit at the park, relaxing in nature, holding your camera and knowing the settings are right, there’s nothing to hold you back.

Where to Shoot Near Gwinnett:

  • Buford Dam Park (Buford, GA) – Great for
    photos of the goats!
  • The dam, lake, or river
  • Other wildlife & wildflowers
  • Sunrise & sunset
  • Yellow River Wildlife Sanctuary (Lilburn, GA) – This is a perfect way to practice wildlife photography with all kinds of animals, before going into the wild!
  • Thompson Mills Forest – Georgia State Arboretum (Braselton, GA) – An assortment of the state’s flora and fauna all in one place!


Fun Fact- If you face the sun, your photos will have deep, orange colors, while facing away from the sun gives light pink hues!