A Starry (Date) Night


The birds are chirping in the mornings, the sun is setting a little later each evening and the temperature outside is gradually climbing. Spring is officially headed our way. In just a few weeks, people will emerge from their houses like bears from hibernation in hopes to enjoy the few perfectly temperate days springtime gives us before the sweltering southern heat arrives. If you’ll be joining them (we don’t blame you) you may be looking for some ways to get the most out of the opportune weather.

There are plenty of things to take advantage of by getting outside this time of year, and we’re talking about more than just the mild weather. So grab your spouse, S/O, best friends or kids and have an outdoorsy date or playdate. As usual, don’t worry about planning your itinerary. We have that covered!

Biking at Ivy Creek Greenway

The Ivy Creek Greenway is a great way to surround yourself with the beauty and peacefulness of nature without going too far from home. The greenway trail will lead you along a boardwalk that crosses wildlife filled wetlands, down a path that runs beneath shady tree canopies and will eventually open up to a gorgeous waterfall view. Of course, you can tackle the greenway however you prefer, but we recommend biking. If you find yourself short a bike or two, see our Small Business Spotlight on page 22. The flat trail is perfect for a relaxing bike ride, and the weather won’t leave you drained.

Dinner at 1910 Public House

The sunshine yellow setup on the patio of 1910 Public House in downtown Lilburn is the perfect spot to grab a bite and relax a bit, while still taking in the fresh air. Enjoy dinner by snacking on some of the incredible appetizers they’re known for (we’d recommend the Pimento Cheese Fritters or Calamari) to refuel after your biking session. They also have delicious sandwiches, craft beers and desserts for whatever you’re craving. Stop by around dinner to catch a glimpse of the sunset as it creates the perfect backdrop to downtown Lilburn. 

Stargazing at the Stone Mountain Public Boat Ramp

While the sunset would be a perfect way to end your outdoor date (and it can be if you’re pressed for time) it’s also a sign to head out of Lilburn and to the last spot on our itinerary. This activity is a bit more on the romantic side, but it can just as easily be enjoyed by friends or even used as an educational opportunity for the kids. The public boat ramp at Stone Mountain is the perfect vantage point to a celestial array of stars. Be sure to purchase a daily parking pass at stonemountainpark.com/Tickets-Specials/Parking ahead of time to access the park. Bring some chairs or a blanket and sit down and enjoy the views of the night sky and Stone Mountain Lake. You can even download the SkyView app and point your camera at the sky to identify the constellations you’re looking at. 

We hope this outdoorsy date inspires you to get outside and explore Gwinnett some more this spring!