Gravity & I Respectfully Disagree

Dangling by an ankle about twenty feet above ground might sound terrifying, but the first time I saw aerial silk performers, I could not help but think that I wanted to do the same. This bizarre display of acrobatics captured my attention from the first viewing.

I began taking lessons with Fit2Fly in Suwanee over a year ago and quickly discovered that actually doing aerial silks is not as simple as the incredible performers make it seem. (But isn’t that the hallmark of a great performance – making the difficult look easy?) Aerial silks require flexibility and extreme strength, two skills I did not actually have in the beginning. Strength is especially important to be able to hold out poses and to look clean; to allow for the grace and timing that make a performance shine.

Initially, I had difficulty even climbing the silks, let alone having the muscle necessary to hold myself in position in midair. After a year of lessons, I now flip and turn and perform drops at community events such as Suwanee Fest and Sugar Rush — and there is still so much I can learn! Even for those with superior strength or incredible flexibility, there is always room for improvement.

Aerial silks may seem less than just a challenge and more like a very hard, scary, potentially concussion-inducing experiment. However, I truly encourage everyone to give it a try! Aerial silks is a sport that builds upon itself; you’ll grow in your skills as you grow in ability. There are many studios in our area with teachers who are willing to help you grow, and it could truly be a new favorite pastime. Aspiring acrobats should know that it will take time and work before reaching mastery, but learning something new will always be a worthwhile stretch!