A Day in the Life at C3 Fitness


Welcome to C3 Fitness, where “Your Best Life” begins! This local gym has been serving the people of Gwinnett since 2009. C3 Fitness was established to provide a clean and safe fitness facility for the community to enjoy. Together, let’s walk through a day in the life at C3 Fitness… 

Entering through the doors, you’ll be greeted by a friendly, front desk staff member. Motivation is a key factor in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and the team at C3 Fitness is aware that each encouraging word can make a significant impact. Being greeted with a simple phrase like “glad to see you’re here” can be a driving force in your gym experience. Unlike other establishments, C3 Fitness values building relationships by motivating, encouraging and supporting alongside the journey to better your life.

To those members with little ones tagging along, of course, C3 Fitness supports you too! The team understands the importance for parents to take time for themselves in order to refuel their physical and mental needs. C3 Fitness offers outstanding childcare services, so while your child plays hard, you can work hard. 

Now, let’s get your sweat on! 

Walking into the main exercise space, you’re supplied with all the resources to complete a full-body workout. The fitness center is mapped out to enhance your exercise experience. For easy navigation, the gym is divided into sections such as cardio, weights, machines, etc. and is also categorized by specific muscle groups. A popular machine among gym members is the StairMaster. Similar to a treadmill, this stationary machine rotates steps allowing you to climb upward at a set speed and duration. If you’re “stepping” up to challenge the StairMaster, it provides the same benefits of a cardio exercise, as well as strengthening the lower body. 

Counting sets and reps are some members’ ideal routine; however, others thrive in group fitness. What makes C3 Fitness so unique is that all  fitness classes are included with every membership. Since C3 Fitness values are rooted in community, it was only necessary for group classes to be included with every membership. C3 Fitness offers a variety of classes that will “fit” anyone’s exercise needs. Looking for an upbeat, energetic workout? Zumba is a fun and effective dance fitness class that will get you shaking those calories off! Are you seeking a more intense workout? Bootcamp is a high-intensity interval training class that will put you to work. All of the C3 Fitness group classes are led by certified trainers and instructors that will motivate and push you to reach your goals.

You’re out of breath, tired and sweaty, but yet there’s no feeling better than completing a workout. C3 Fitness wants to ensure you experience that feeling every time you walk out the door. This community is here to support you to live “Your Best Life!”

To learn more about C3 Fitness, visit c3fitness.org for more information.