Don’t Snooze on Local Brews

20 Skin Alley, Norcross, GA 30071
IG: @socialfoxbrewing
FB: Social Fox Brewing

In 2015, home brewers across the state waited in anticipation for the changing of century-old beer laws. Kevin Keyes and Mike Greene of Social Fox Brewing (400 North Brewing at the time) were ready to spring into action and introduce all of Norcross to their hoppy creations as soon as laws were reformed. They teamed up with locals Scott Norwood and Mark Klafter to achieve their goal of opening a local brewery. After years of making beer from a homemade ten-gallon system, gaining access to a brewery that could house their beer-making was a massive luxury for Kevin and Mike.

So, how did 400 North become Social Fox? After choosing a prime location in the centerof downtown Norcross, Kevin and Mike drew inspiration from the mural of foxes that wrapped around their future building, which had been commissioned by the City of Norcross long before they moved in. The inclusion of “social” was possibly the most critical piece of their name since the mission of Social Fox Brewing is to serve as a gathering place for local beer lovers.

Social Fox Brewing has also dubbed themselves a “hyperlocal brewery,” which extends their reach beyond just beer lovers and gives them a more significant role as an integral part of the Norcross community. They work to be hyperlocal by sourcing ingredients from local vendors and farms, partnering with key Norcross stakeholders like the Norcross Community Market and Sustainable Norcross and donating or volunteering at local charities and nonprofits.

Next time you find yourself in Norcross, stop by Social Fox Brewing to experience the brewery that opened the door to craft beer-making city-wide.

“Visitors can expect to find delicious, unique and flavorful beers that appeal to non-beer drinkers and connoisseurs alike.” – Kevin Keyes, Social Fox Brewing Co-founder.

Along with some classic crowd-pleasers like an American Pilsner (Light n Social)and their house IPA (Tumblefield), Social Fox also has a selection of more unique,exciting flavors like their Champagne beer (Beermosa) and their strawberry jalapeño sour (Fruited Gose). They’re also constantly releasing new, seasonal beers, includingan Irish Coffee Stout on its way to Norcross for St. Patrick’s Day! Show your supportfor Social Fox and the change makers they support by regularly stopping by thetaproom, attending events hosted at the brewery or purchasing their canned beer instores for those out of town.

Cheers to local beer!