Your Goat-To Pasta Recipe


Pasta Milani
Owner, Tammy Duncan
(770) 561-2422

Design Direction:
Photo Credit: Pasta Milani

Recipe: Goat Cheese Ravioli
“It’s incredibly simple but has such a rich flavor,” says Tammy Duncan, owner of Pasta Milani. 

1- Purchase Pasta Milani’s Goat Cheese Ravioli (prepare)
2- Roast pine nuts in olive oil
3- Coat the ravioli, with pine nut and olive oil mixture
4- Drizzle a Tbsp of balsamic glaze
5- Add handful of fresh arugula

Tammy Duncan’s love for pasta began as a child in her grandmother’s kitchen. Generational family recipes were passed down to her from her ancestors in Castelvecchio Calvisio, a small province in L’Aquila, the Abruzzo region of Italy. When her favorite hobby met up with an opportunity, she put her business degree to work and opened her own small business, Pasta Milani, in 2020 in Braselton. “Friends and neighbors would ask for small batches as they saw me post my creations on my personal social media page,” said Tammy. “Interest picked up, and people I didn’t know started to message me for orders. It was then that I knew that I had an opportunity for a small business!” 

Kitchen Tips from Tammy:

When cooking for the holidays, buy fresh ingredients, decorate and prep the ingredients the day before, and ask your family to come early to be a part of the process! Some of my favorite holiday memories were the hours spent together in the kitchen before the meal.”

“Nona Milani would also tell you to make double! Never send a guest home empty-handed. Every holiday she would purchase a large package of to-go containers and make sure everyone left with several full containers so they could enjoy the meal again!”

Where to Buy: 

Wilkes Meat Market, both Suwanee and Flowery Branch locations.
Joy Company Market in Braselton

Market at the Forum Peachtree Corners (December 19th)
Suwanee Farmers Market
Braselton Farmers Market
Flowery Branch Farmers Market
Alpharetta Farmers Market