19 Crimes

Red Blend


Every great wine has a great story. This one has interactive labels that come alive and tell you the tale of the person on the label (you have to download the app for free from your app store)! Each tale is based on those of the prisoners that got relocated from England to Australia as part of their punishment for any of the 19 Crimes for deportation. The red blend is the most popular one we sell, but we also have the chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, banished red blend and now the shiraz.   Each cork is also stamped with one of the 19 Crimes, so collect them all!

The Velvet

Devil Merlot


This little devil is wrapped in a velvet robe. This amazing wine from Washington state is smooth, rich and hard to beat at $12.99. Its lush tannins are balanced with nice dark fruit making this wine almost overqualified, but a welcome compliment for every situation.

7 Moons

Red Blend


7 Moons Red Blend has been a fantastic seller for us since we brought it in. Made with seven different grapes, it stands out and blends in at the same time.  Red blends are known for being both unique and well rounded in flavor profile and structure.


“Truffle Dog” Rosso Blend


This wonderful little bottle is an Italian favorite of mine. This easy to drink, approachable wine is amazing with food, easily stands on its own, and comes with a Stelvin screw cap, making it faster to get into when a corkscrew is simply too much.