The future, once a vision of hovercrafts and floating cities, is now here. And it looks so far off from the predictions made by movies and theorists, yet it’s nothing we could have ever imagined. In today’s future, our cars aren’t quite airborne, but they do drive themselves, and robots haven’t taken over the world (at least not yet), but they do have a seat at the table in most workplaces. We’re in a unique position in that we’ve gotten a chance to experience one of the biggest technological revolutions in history, but no one is sure what’s to come.

However, the City of Peachtree Corners was ready and waiting for a chance to take the driver’s seat (literally) and demonstrate to Gwinnett County, and all of America, that this shiny, new tech can and should be used to propel our cities into a future of environmental conservation, diligent public safety and incomprehensible efficiency.

There was no city more fit for the role than Peachtree Corners, and that’s because of one key resource the city has been investing in since its inception: Curiosity Lab.Founded in September 2019 as a way to leverage the new Tech Park toward leaders of the technology industry, Curiosity Lab is a 25,000-square-foot laboratory that serves as one of America’s greatest test tubes.

The Curiosity Lab’s ability to provide abundant resources and accommodate any tech company that has seeked them out thus far, has dubbed it a ‘Smart City’ in the eyes ofAmerica. This means, other cities wanting to get involved in the development and rapid improvement of technology happening across the country, should use PeachtreeCorners as an example.

Because of its knack for real-world, unsimulated prototype testing, tech giants from across the country (and now, the world) travel to the City of Peachtree Corners in hopes of developing the next life-enhancing technology. While they can already lay claim to the significant role they played in the invention of the Modem and the color printer, there are hundreds of other lightbulb ideas being tested in Peachtree Corners at any given moment.

Because of this, Peachtree Corners residents and anyone in Gwinnett keen for a visit to the Curiosity Lab can get a front row seat to the action. Tech Park employees can hitch a ride from their office to grab a beer or a bite on the city’s autonomous shuttle service drivers can change stoplights with their phones to move traffic more quickly and, just a few months ago, residents could call an electric scooter to their side with a click of a button.