We DiG: Sunrises & Sunsets!

Now that summer is here, the sun rises and sets just a little later in the day, giving us more time to soak up the rays and making catching a sunrise or sunset more doable. While a Gwinnett County sunrise is beautiful from any location, outdoor enthusiasts typically seek out the best possible vantage points for viewing the daily spectacle, and we don’t blame them!

Next time you want to add a little magic to your day, head to one of these spots around town for panoramic views that are sure to start you off on the right foot.

Stone Mountain:
There’s a reason Stone Mountain is Georgia’s most visited attraction. With gorgeous 360-degree views of the Atlanta skyline and Stone Mountain Lake, its peak is stunning at any time of day but particularly perfect for sunset spotting after a long day. The hike from the base to the summit is about a mile and typically takes around an hour to complete, so plan to arrive much earlier than the sun is supposed to set. The park is open from 6:00 a.m. to midnight daily, so don’t forget to bring a headlamp if you plan to hang around a bit after the sun goes down.

Little Mulberry Park Observation Hill:
Abundant nature and wildlife are common sightings at this local Dacula park. With 14 miles of walking trails spanning a meadow, a forest and a pond, you could spend all afternoon exploring the park’s exciting features. However, you’ll want to head to the observation hill in the center of the park for the best possible sunrise and sunset views, complete with a beautiful backdrop.

Buford Dam:
For more stunning lake views without the uphill trek, Buford Dam is a picturesque spot to grab a picnic table or pull out a blanket and take in the sun’s orangey hue in the morning or evening. No hiking is necessary. As you walk across the dam, you’ll glimpse the Chattahoochee River and Lake Lanier simultaneously. The two iconic bodies of water, the surrounding rolling hills and the cotton candy skies all make for a picture-perfect photo op, so bring a camera!

So there you have it! Three of our favorite places to start or end your day in Gwinnett with some natural beauty. If you catch a particularly perfect sunrise or sunset during your visit to one of these spots, post it and tag us @diggwinnett so we can take in the view with you!