We DiG Small Swaps with Big Impact

With spring on the way, we are all beyond ready for a little refresh. We roped in the amazing advocates over at Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful to assist us with some simple changes we can make to better our homes and neighborhoods this year – simple, but effective, that is.

If you haven’t already, make the switch to LED lighting for your home. This is a surefire way to consume less energy. LEDs use 75% less energy and can last up to 25% longer than incandescent. An easy win for energy conservation, for sure.

Next time you run a load of dirties, click the knob over to cool or cold. This tiny change alone could eliminate up to 1,600 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions yearly. It is estimated that up to 90% of a washer’s energy is used in heating, which kind of blows our minds. So, in this case, “be cool, man.”

If you haven’t yet hopped aboard the reusable stainless water cup train, we think you should. You do not have to spring for the expensive, viral options, but it is definitely time to be done with single-use plastic water bottles. Find a reusable cup with a handle, lid and straw that fits your life (some of us carry around 32-ounce monsters!) and know that you truly are making a difference.

Plastic water bottles can take up to 1000 years to biodegrade, and more than 80% of them never make it to a recycling center.

When you sort through closets and drawers, remember that almost everything held therein can be donated. Also, consider swapping a portion of your wardrobe with thrifted items! It is always a fun adventure to find a unique and quirky upcycled piece of clothing to add to your everyday style.

Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful values community involvement and invites individuals and families to participate often. Visit gwinnettcb.org for more information and upcoming events!