We DiG: Public Art

Who needs a stuffy museum when you can soak up the artsy vibes under the open sky? Gwinnett’s artistic tapestry awaits, with striking murals and captivating sculptures waiting to be discovered around every corner. So, trade the stale indoor exhibits for a breath of fresh air and immerse yourself in creativity – don’t forget to capture those Insta-worthy moments along the way!

Indulge your sweet tooth and feast your eyes on the delectable mural adorning downtown Duluth! Crafted by Elizabeth Libby Ashworth, this mouthwatering masterpiece celebrates the art of hand-painted chocolates from The Chocolaterie. Nestled at the corner of Main St. and West Lawrenceville St., it’s more than just a mural; it’s a tantalizing invitation to savor the sweet side of life!

Hop on over to Thrasher Park in Norcross and meet the ribbeting residents of ‘Frogs Of Thrasher Park,’ crafted by the whimsical Beau Smith. These charming amphibians, including the iconic ‘Bench Frog,’ delight visitors with their playful antics. Be sure to snap a selfie while sitting among them – these copper creations make the perfect backdrop for a memorable photo op!

Get ready to stop and smell the roses in Lawrenceville’s bloomin’ downtown area! The ‘Lawrenceville Blooms’ mural, crafted by local artist Teresa Abboud, celebrates unity and diversity. This masterpiece is more than just a mural; it’s a testament to Lawrenceville’s flourishing arts scene and community spirit. Take your chance to snap a selfie among the petals!

Get ready to be amazed at Lilburn Elementary School’s buzzworthy addition! Thanks to Project Grant funding, Atlanta muralist Elaine Stephenson has crafted a stunning Inclusive Playground Mural. Serving over 1,300 students, this mural isn’t just for the school – it’s a hive of creativity open to the whole community, creating a buzz after hours and on weekends!

Step into Suwanee’s vibrant art scene, where creativity knows no bounds! Stroll through Suwanee Town Center and immerse yourself in the SculpTour, boasting 17 captivating sculptures. The iconic ‘Love, Suwanee’ sculpture stands among them, a testament to amour in all its forms. It’s not just a sculpture; it’s a symbol of love and a backdrop for countless cherished moments captured on film!