Tipsy: Vintages Tasting Room

In the heart of Downtown Lawrenceville, Vintages Tasting Room uncorks an experience like no other. It’s not just a wine journey; it’s a tale of two friends with a shared love for Gwinnett County and, of course, wine. Their story began in 2002 when Lorraine and MB crossed paths while serving on the Gwinnett County Planning Commission. Realizing their mutual passion for improving the community – and for a good glass of vino – they forged a friendship that has aged like fine wine.

Fast forward 20 years of laughter, friendship, and, yes, wine, the vision for Vintages finally materialized over a bottle of their favorite vintage. Since its grand debut in November 2023, this wine oasis has been tantalizing taste buds with glasses, flights and bottles of liquid gold that’ll make patrons weak in the knees.

At Vintages, they believe there’s a perfect wine for everyone, regardless of taste or budget. With a selection curated to surprise and delight, you’ll find wines with stories as unique as the flavors themselves. Each month brings a new adventure as they feature different wines from around the world – reds, whites, bubbles and beyond. The friendly staff is always on hand to guide you through the grapevine and help you discover your new favorite sip.

But Vintages isn’t just about the vino; it’s a whole mood with scrumptious small bites and desserts to compliment your glass. Alongside her partner in wine, MB Strickland, Lorraine is on a mission to remind us that in a digital world, human connections truly matter. So, leave your Wi-Fi worries at the door and prepare to sip, swirl and socialize like never before.

From the satisfying pop of a champagne cork to the infectious laughter echoing off the walls, every moment at Vintages is infused with joy and camaraderie. So, what’s the takeaway from a visit to Vintages Tasting Room? Wine should be fun, approachable and, above all, delicious. Whether you’re a seasoned sommelier or a wine newbie, there’s a glass with your name on it waiting to be raised in a toast to the good life—Lawrenceville style! Cheers!