Tipsy: Sips for the Springtime

Spring has sprung!
What better way to welcome warmer days than with a couple of our favorite spring cocktails here at The DiG? During springtime in Georgia, plenty of fruits and vegetables are at their peak; our favorites include strawberries and rosemary. So head out to your local farmers market and grab some fresh ingredients for these fun cocktails!

First up! Give yourself something to celebrate and toast with a glass of Strawberry Champagne.

This fresh and fruity cocktail is perfect for brunches, showers and celebrations! This recipe makes four drinks, but modifications are simple for when these become the hit of your party!

You will need:
Champagne: The key for this cocktail is that the wine is as dry as possible. When shopping, look for bottles labeled “brut,” meaning dry, which gives this cocktail a perfect flavor and texture. Feel free to substitute for other options like prosecco or cava; as long as you’ve got a dry sparkling wine, you’re in the clear!
Strawberries: Pro Tip: When shopping for fresh strawberries, don’t just grab the biggest ones. The perfect strawberries will be glossy and colored even down to the stem! If it’s a particularly sunny day, freeze your strawberries and follow these steps for a chilled treat.
Lemon Juice: To bring it all together!

Step 1
Add one cup of strawberries to a food processor or blender with one tablespoon of lemon juice. Blend until a smooth puree forms.
Step 2
Add one to two tablespoons of the puree to the bottom of a champagne glass and top it off with champagne!
Step 3
Give your drink a gentle stir to create a perfect springtime ombre in your glass! Cheers, sip and enjoy!

Take your happy hour up a notch with this delicious rosemary cocktail. This quick and easy recipe will make one cocktail and is a great way to use your fresh Georgia produce in a mix with some spring citrus!

You will need:
• Ice
• 1 blood orange, juiced
• 2 ounces of gin
• ½ ounce Rosemary simple syrup
• 2 ounces tonic water
• 1 sprig of fresh rosemary
• 1 slice of blood orange

Step 1
Grab a double old-fashioned glass and a cocktail shaker; fill each with ice.
Step 2
Add your blood orange juice, gin and rosemary simple syrup to the shaker. Give it a shake for about 15 seconds.
Step 3
Strain the mixture into your prepped glass and top it off with tonic water.
Step 4
Stir to combine and add one sprig of rosemary and one blood orange slice to top it off!