Tipsy: Rooftop Bars

Roaming the Rooftops: As our pursuit to unravel Gwinnett’s nightlife scene persists, we feel that when the sun sets and the night begins, there’s no better place to toast in the town than from the scenic perch of a rooftop bar. Taking the nightlife scene by storm, here are some of our favorite elevated venues to enjoy your beverage with a view while the night is still young.

The Rooftop
Instagram: @therooftopsugarhill
The Rooftop may be relatively new to the nightlife scene in Gwinnett County since its opening in 2023, but it’s certainly been picking up notice. This rooftop is a homey retreat for live music lovers and those who want to gather with friends. The Rooftop owners, Jennifer and Jeff, envisioned their establishment as a way to share their love for live music with their community. With back-to-back nights of captivating live music and performances, who’s to say you can’t be comfortable while jamming out? Come for a show at The Rooftop, settle in on a plush leather couch and wrap yourself in a cozy blanket while the sweet sounds of live music travel through the air—the happiest medium of all time, a relaxing yet upbeat Friday night. Sip on an excellent craft beer or a specialty cocktail while you treat yourself to a scenic night out! Gather some friends, head up to The Rooftop (literally) and start your night with the harmonic tunes of live music and the clinking of glasses!

Overstory Rooftop Bar
Instagram: @overstoryrooftop
While the streets of Gwinnett County are hustling and bustling, remember to take advantage of everything happening up above! Situated atop the Westin Gwinnett in the Gas South District, Overstory provides an elegant and contemporary drinking and dining experience to all guests who journey to the top floor. With three separate bar areas and decorated terraces, the artful details delight down to the last drop. If the bar itself is elevated, the drinks should be too! Energetic cocktails include a range of vibrant ingredients such as orange spiced syrup, lavender house soda, turmeric and tropical fruit. I’ll take one of each, please! Get your fill of something sweet, savory, crunchy or soft to accompany your flavorful beverage of choice amongst Overstory’s enchanting menu of shareable bites and appetizers. Hankering for some South American flavor? Order some arepas or empanadas for the table. Or take it Aperitivo style with some Italian influence and a snack trio for all to share. Word on the street is that Overstory is both a romantic retreat to bring that special someone and an ideal spot for groups of friends beginning their nightly journeys, eager to see where the night takes them. No matter who joins you on this top-of-the-world terrace, it will surely be a classy affair complete with mouthwatering plates and pleasing drinks.

McCray’s Tavern
Instagram: @mccraystavernlawrenceville
Have we mentioned that the perfect way to spend a night out involves you, your chosen entourage and a table with a panoramic view of the happening city below? I thought so! But, if it has yet to get through to you, pull up a chair at McCray’s Tavern. McCray’s is located in the heart of the square, providing all the lucky visitors with a scenic birds-eye view of Lawrenceville. The laid-back atmosphere may be the missing piece to your relaxed Friday night in or spontaneous Saturday night out! This American-style pub is the perfect scene to make the most of outdoor dining this summer, meet some friends after work and toast to the classic Lawrenceville sunset we all know and love! Choose from an extensive list of craft beer or wine, specialty cocktails or a staple one-of-a-kind bourbon to complete your night out with stunning views.

One thing is certain: whichever refreshment you choose to sip with a skyline view will not disappoint. All of these skyline lounges and more are begging to be explored all summer long, so gather up your crew and hit the town. I’ll cheers to that!