Taste Test: Sugar N’ Proof

Must Do: Follow Sugar n’ Proof on Instagram: @sugarnproof to keep up with their rotation of baked goods.
Must Try: One Sweet and Savory Scone from her baker’s table display on a Saturday morning with fresh, flavored espresso.

Downtown Braselton is changing, and while the location of this sweet bakery has moved a few times, the goodness coming out of the oven has stayed constant! Executive chef and owner of Sugar n’ Proof Bakery, Rana Obeidat, has taken up residence in the historic 1904 building, formerly the Braselton Brothers Department Store.

After spending a day in the building, I quickly realized her sweet treats’ lasting effects on the community as folks popped in and out all morning for a coffee and pastry to start their day. Her shop may be hard to find on your first visit, but you’ll have no trouble remembering this sweet spot that keeps locals coming back for more.

While I haven’t tasted it all yet—and probably won’t ever because the menu changes weekly—everything I’ve placed in my mouth has been divine! My first encounter with Rana was on social media. I scrolled past one video of her Chocolate Karmel Cookie and was feening for a reason to try one. The two-inch thick cookie is packed with rich chocolate batter, chocolate chips and chunks and a creamy caramel center. And after tasting it, it exceeded even my greatest culinary dreams.

Everything I’ve tried at Sugar n’ Proof has been delicious, from freshly baked bread to daily scones (white chocolate raspberry AND bacon cheddar), cheese danishes, jam-filled tarts, stuffed cookies and cake jars. I have not had the pleasure of taste testing her specialty cakes, but that’s just because I haven’t had a reason to order one yet. I did refer a friend who ordered a specialty birthday cake and was blown away by the carefully crafted details to make his sweetie’s sweet tooth dreams come true with her favorite dessert!

“If you can name it, I can make it. If you can’t name it, I can still make it! That’s the beauty of it. What makes your tastebuds happy is all that matters,” says Rana.

Rana’s willingness to experiment sets her apart from other bakeries. Lately, she’s been serving up an eclectic selection of culinary sweets from around the world.

With the upcoming holidays, baking is usually a staple in family kitchens. If you’re like me and prefer making side dishes, leave your sweets to Sugar n’ Proof for the perfect addition to any holiday gathering. Whether you have an old-world cultural sweet or new-age family tradition you’d like for the upcoming holidays, Rana would be overjoyed to create it for you!