Taste Test: Peachtree Cafe


Peachtree Cafe | 30 S. Clayton St. Lawrenceville, GA 30046 | 678-377-8745

Located in Downtown Lawrenceville, The Peachtree Cafe is a local brunch spot that has been serving the community since 2011. Walking through the doors, we were immediately in sensory overload. With sweet aromas filling the air and beautiful decor complimenting the space, our senses were delightfully pulled in every direction. 

After being greeted by the hostess, we were directed to our seats. The restaurant offers many dining options, including tables, booths, bar tops and outdoor dining! We were seated at the bar top table and began our taste test journey! We started off with refreshments. The menu was loaded with so many options from coffee, smoothies, teas and more! We chose to indulge in the smoothies; the peach, strawberry and avocado smoothies were both refreshing and tasty!

Moving on to selecting our main course was another tough challenge since there were so many options available. The Peachtree Cafe has it all from burgers, waffles, wraps and so on. You name it, they got it! We opted for the California Omelet and the Strawberry Banana Nutella French Toast, and we were not disappointed! The California Omelet is a perfectly cooked omelet filled with chicken, avocado and swiss cheese. The omelet was exploding with flavor, and not a single bite was wasted.

If you’re looking for a sweeter option, the Strawberry Banana Nutella French Toast is the choice for you. This sweet treat is two slices of french toast topped with strawberries, bananas and a drizzle of Nutella served with a side of syrup. Not only was it incredibly tasty, but the presentation was a photo-worthy moment!

We really ap”peach”iate this local spot and will definitely be making a return. I mean, someone has to taste the rest of the items on the menu, am I right?