Taste Test: Nur Kitchen


7130 Buford Hwy NE Unit C-100 Atlanta, GA 30340
Instagram: @nurkitchenusa
Facebook: Nur Kitchen

If you’re looking to take your taste buds on an adventurous journey, I have the place for you! Nur Kitchen is a modern Mediterranean restaurant focused on simple, yet vibrant flavors. The restaurant offers popular Mediterranean staples like pita, hummus and falafel as well as a curated menu with authentic dishes.

As someone without any prior experience eating Mediterranean cuisine, little did I know, I was in for a pleasant surprise. First up, the “Roasted Cauliflower” appetizer was calling my name! Cooked in the restaurant’s very own brick oven, the cauliflower is doused in labneh cheese and zaatar spice. This dish was the ultimate teaser for what was to come.

Now onto the main event, the entree. Although a tough choice with all the options, I took a chance at the “Nur Steak Plate”. And might I say, that chance was totally worth it! I was served a platter with perfectly cooked slices of ribeye and an array of green veggies. The ribeye was juicy and tender, which paired perfectly with the roasted broccoli, onions, and brussels sprouts. Each bite was so full of flavor! I will admittedly say, my fork truly never left my hand. 

With my plate clean, it was only fitting to finish the night on a sweet note. I selected the “Turkish Baklava”, a traditional flakey pastry topped with honey and chopped nuts. I’m happy to say I left Nur Kitchen with a full belly and a full experience. The food and service showcased the vibrant, yet elegant atmosphere of this special place. No need to pack your bags to get a taste of the Mediterranean. Nur Kitchen brings the taste right to you. You might even catch me there on your visit, because I just can’t get enough!