Tucked away in a busy strip mall off Pleasant Hill Road sits one of the most delightful, beautiful, tasty treasures found inside Gwinnett. The Mac Lab Bakery is an artisanal bakery (they literally make things TOO pretty to eat) with a concentration in the delicate art of making macarons. The press and excitement over this bakery intrigued us a while back, and now we finally have had a chance to DiG in and tell you all about it!

Sweethearts take note, this would be a great little spot to steal a few quiet, intimate moments with Valentine’s Day coming up!!

With over 18 daily flavor choices plus specialty and seasonal options, it’s hard to go wrong in this chic bakery. Upon walking in, you can’t help but smile; the sweet aroma and colorful display of “artwork” against a clean, white backdrop made us feel like we were walking into a picturesque setting only found in movies and Disney World.

Following the suggestions of the ladies behind the counter, we tried a couple of their top sellers: rose lychee and pistachio. We also selected a few flavors that spoke to us: passion fruit and salted caramel. Our child companion selected purely on decoration and color: blueberry and the famous unicorn (fruity pebbles).

After tasting each creation, we decided that the adorable unicorn and passion fruit were truly divine! While some might balk at the price point per pastry, it is to be noted that these gems are truly a work of art—not to be scarfed, but savored. The gorgeous, handpainted designs and time-consuming baking requirement really make this a special treat. (The humidity in the south throws a particular curve ball to this particular French pastry’s baking process.)

Need a gift? They have excellent packaging and will ship to you. It’s the perfect handmade gift for that special someone who has it all!