Piqued interest, mixed reviews and a hardcore craving drew us in to try out Dazzle Dogs in Lawrenceville. Hidden next to a gas station off Hwy 124/Old Peachtree Road, this unassuming store front promises the BFF—Best Fried Food—you’ve ever had, but we came for the gourmet hot dogs and milkshakes.

THE ORDER: First in line to order lunch, we asked the owner for a recommendation after skimming over the dog breed-themed menu of hot dogs. Dazzle Dog suggestion: original dog with steak, sautéed onions, cheese and signature sauce. We figured this was a win, since other reviews said that their cheese steak sandwich is the best in the area. Why not combine BOTH?!?! Added bonus: from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m., fries are free with a dog purchase (normally they’re a la carte). We added a Strawberry Shortcake Dazzle Shake to the order, mostly to find out what was so great that they could charge $12 for a milkshake.

THE TEST:: After a little wait, our dogs came out, piled high with toppings and piping hot, hand-cut French fries. The Dazzle Dog original was messy and delicious! (Grab a knife, fork and extra napkins.) We inhaled it, enjoying the savory bites of steak while trying to figure out what was in the white sauce. With the perfect amount of salt and texture, the fries were a surprise hit, and the milkshake was over-the-top ridiculous in terms of size, toppings and flavors! We weren’t sure where to begin: the frosting and strawberry cake crumb-coated rim, the FULL slice of strawberry cheesecake, the strawberry shortcake ice cream pop, the fresh strawberries, the marshmallow/strawberry skewer or just drink in the strawberry shake hidden below the surface! It was, again, messy and delicious! (We carefully took it home and STILL enjoyed it from the freezer for several nights.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: Remember, all good food takes time to prepare and should not be hurried…and you shouldn’t be in one either, so don’t plan to dash in and out! And as we’ve already shared, be prepared to get messy as you dig in. It’ll be well worth it!

Dazzle Dogs
1925 Braselton Hwy. | Buford, GA 30519