Taste Test: Creamistry

3333 Buford Dr VB02, Buford, GA 30519
(678) 765-8070

With science ALL over the pages of this issue, why not incorporate a little chemistry into satisfying a sweet tooth? “Fancy” ice cream has become a craze, so it only makes sense that making ice cream amidst clouds of smoke and a big container of liquid nitrogen is the “in” thing to do among ice cream aficionados. The secret to the creamy ice cream is the rapid freezing of the mixture as a result of liquid nitrogen causing the fat and the water particles in the liquid to stay very small, making the ice cream dense and extremely creamy with no ice crystals.

Middle of the week and in the middle of the day it was quiet, so we were able to enjoy a private dining experience, but I can definitely see how this would be a very popular spot on a Saturday in spring or summer. The store is strategically situated outside the playmounds and fountain at the entrance of the Mall of Georgia.

Walking in, we channeled our inner Walter White (Breaking Bad), as the store is lined with colorful candy filled beakers and a periodic table menu full of customizable options for you to cook up a creamistry creation. There are three different bases: dairy, non-dairy vegan (coconut/almond milk) and fruit/sorbet bases in a variety of flavors. The toppings come in categories; candy, cookies, cereal, fruit, sauces and savory choices. They also have a variety of colorful signature creations to take the deductive reasoning out of the equation if you have analysis paralysis.

My inner kid went for a full on sugar rush with captain crunch ice cream topped with fruity pebbles and strawberries….basically a frozen breakfast treat. The more sophisticated palate side of me desired a rich dessert of chocolate ice cream with caramel and brownie bites.

The fog, smoke, steam, and mystery clouds billowing out of the mixer is where all the magic happens. The fog was so dense we couldn’t see our chemist for a moment behind the counter. What emerged afterwards was truly the creamiest treat I’ve ever tasted. These creations were as smooth as silk and coming from someone whose college profession was taste testing Bruster’s ice cream flavors that is saying something!