Taste Test: Blakes of Braselton

Blakes of Braselton
36 Frances St.
Braselton, GA 30517
(706) 684-3054

Speakeasy Vibe in Gwinnett: Blake’s of Braselton

Mr. Blake will tell you he brought to life the idea of Blake’s of Braselton when locals were disappointed when the “wine club” they frequented had closed. What started as a private drinking club (members only), now has opened its doors to everyone to enjoy fine wine, small plates and prohibition-style cocktails, along with live music all with the ambiance of a 1930’s speakeasy. 

Photo Credit: Rachel Jeffers

The Experience:

While Blakes of Braselton is not slinging “giggle water” illegally, it does allow you to leave the hustle of 2021 and slow down into a different era for an evening. It’s the perfect date night location with a variety of intimate seating arrangements: cozy cocktail tables, luxurious lounge chairs, outdoor dining under the stars and twinkle lights or belly up to the bar. Blake’s offers a lively lineup of events such as comedy night, game night with board games, wine tastings and live music on the patio. In true speakeasy form, the staff is attentive, making you feel like a “regular” and their number one priority. The bartenders have perfected the 1920’s classics and are rotating in a seasonal cocktail menu. The expansive wine menu is curated by wine club experts. Don’t worry they have craft beers too…Creature Comforts on tap! 

The Taste: 

To kick off the spring date night, we decided on the cocktail of the month Berry Collins, which was citrus vodka, muddled strawberries and blackberries, jalapeno, agave, lemon and soda. As a fan of sweet and spicy drinks, this cocktail definitely hit the spot with its light and refreshing flavors. To satisfy our nibbles, we tried the In The Woods Flatbread: mushrooms, goat cheese, truffle glaze and arugula. It was a savory mash up of all our favorite flavors!  

Mr. Blake likes to say “drink what makes you happy, with friends who make you laugh,” and that is just what we did. We’d highly recommend a night out under the stars, stepping back in time to escape the chaos of work, family, worries, etc. Become one with nature on the patio while listening to the acoustic guitar and sipping your favorite libation. It was just what this season of life needed.