Summer Sip from Stage

Stäge Kitchen & Barin Peachtree Corners fames itself for creating a culinary journey of steak, seafood, pasta, sushi, global tapas and cocktails for its diners…which is a tall order when considering the variety of cuisines those dishes cover. If you scroll through Stäge’s social media pages, you’ll see colorful creations of sushi and tapas that rival works of art. But Stäge has managed to take it one step farther by curating a selection of handcrafted cocktails that mess with the culinary art reflected in their menu.

The mixology at Stäge is second to none with creative twists on classic faves and other completely unique concoctions. On occasion, the restaurant hosts pairing dinners which feature food and drink combos they’ve perfected to complement each other and even enhance flavors. They’ve hosted Bourbon and Burgers and a specialty pairing with Caymus wines. Be on the lookout for their next duo adventure this summer.

In the meantime, as the weather warms up and the summer season makes way for cocktails of lighter libations like rum, vodka and gin, it’s the perfect time to stop by and check out their summer drink menu. If you want to celebrate Cinco De Mayo (early or late), I’d suggest trying their Mariachi cocktail, a nod to Mexican culture, featuring sips of mezcal, pineapple and Agave with a summery side of cucumber and celery.

Make your Own Mariachi
1.Muddle cucumber and pineapple
2.Add 1.5 ounces of mezcal
3.Add half an ounce of fresh lime juice
4.Add one ounce of Agave syrup
5.Dip the rim in a celery salt mixture.
6.Garnish with a lime wheel and a cucumber ribbon