Step into the charming atmosphere of this Sugar Hill bakery, wherethe delightful aroma of freshly baked goods lingers in the air, and every bite is a moment of pure bliss. Rivermill Bakery invites visitorson a delectable journey into the heart and soul of this beloved local business, where tradition meets innovation, and passion is baked into every treat. Offering a breakfast, lunch, dessert and drink menu, Rivermill has something for anyone looking to delight their taste buds.

After opening its location in Sugar Hill less than two years ago, Rivermill Bakery has earned several positive reviews for its attentive customer service and fantastic collection of eats.

The bakery’s interior exudes comfort with a rustic twist. Display cases contain tempting cakes, pies, tarts and truffles, each meticulously crafted with love and expertise. Toward the bakery’s right side, shelves burst with freshly-baked bread. They also offer delectable sandwiches, burgers and salads. As you find a seat and indulge in a sweet treat or savory snack, Rivermill will inevitably leave a lasting impression that beckons you to return again and again.

Here at The Dig, we appreciate a business that is more than meets the eye. What seems like a quaint bakery with delicious offerings is also a place of hope. Just last year, business owner, Aleks Gerasimov, was recognized for his efforts to raise money for refugees of the Ukrainian War. Being a Ukraine native, Gerasimov has friends who’ve experienced Ukraine’s tragedies firsthand. He and his wife decided to place jars on the counters of both of their bakeries to encourage customers to give money to help cover the cost of evacuating refugees. They received over $2000 in donations, which in turn helped an estimated six families in Ukraine.

We HIGHLY encourage you to plan a trip to Rivermill Bakery on your next lunch break and take in the pleasures of this comforting bakery with unforgettable food and kind service.

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5019 W Broad St. Sugar Hill, Georgia
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