Small Business Spotlight: Black Mermaid’s Bath & Body

From kitchen chemist to award-winning entrepreneur, Denise Zannu combined her passion for natural skincare with her knowledge of herbs and aromatherapy to launch Black Mermaid’s Bath and Body – a small business with a mission to help people have healthy, beautiful skin – naturally.

Denise began her career as a middle school science special education teacher. In her pursuit to teach her students about concepts like diffusion, osmosis and chemical reactions Denise was met with difficulties in securing the needed supplies. Not one to be deterred from her goal (destined to be an entrepreneur!), Denise decided to teach her students using basic kitchen items and ingredients. By using ingredients like yeast, baking soda, ice and salt she taught her students how to make things like cheese and ice cream. As the class progressed Denise began to incorporate lessons on acids and bases by teaching her students how to make natural soap. The class enjoyed the experience so much they began giving them away as gifts to parents and teachers. A fellow teacher encouraged Denise to sell them as a craft and the idea for Black Mermaid’s Bath and Body was born!

In the early days Denise was creating natural products for coworkers, friends and family right in her own kitchen. Fast forward seven years and Black Mermaid’s Bath and Body is an award-winning small business offering a wide variety of skincare and wellness products to its dedicated, and growing customer base.

The company is rooted in clean beauty and seeks to provide scientifically formulated, nature-derived products that are both effective and healthy for all skin types. With products like the CleanseMe Face Bar (best for oily skin and made with neem oil to promote a healthy, even skin tone) and the Poseidon Men’s Collection Beard Balm (made with argan oil, mango butter and a proprietary blend of natural oils to tame and condition your whiskers with ease), Black Mermaid’s has a little something for everyone
and you can shop confidently knowing the products are natural.

Black Mermaid’s Bath and Body has big plans for the future including national expansion, and is exploring options for exporting to Central America and the Caribbean. When asked if Denise had any advice for fellow entrepreneurs, or women/girls who loved science Denise said “Be focused and be adventurous. Explore every opportunity as a possibility because you never know where that will take you. I think of science as a language and an art. It can communicate wondrous ideas and show numerous possibilities with wonder, precision and diversity.” (what an inspiration!).

Visit Black Mermaid’s Bath and Body online at to learn more about
this innovative company and grab some goodies for yourself!

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