It’s that time of year, where the promise of new beginnings start to warm our hearts and bring forward the bright promise of change. It’s time to find our inspirations again. We want to bring this New Year into a refreshed state of creativity. We want to live the unexpected, to create something different and put out positivity towards others. We want this year to be fun, and even a little Strange! Luckily, Strange Taco Bar is as bright as we’re hoping our year to be, in our cup, and their lively building.

Hear us out, the thrill of finding something unexpectedly fantastic is totally what the New Year is about. That’s why here at Strange, they’re constantly rotating new frozen cocktails. Obviously, a classic Margarita with freshly made salsa is a smash, but what happens when you bring a bright Strawberry Frozen Mojito into the mix with your Spicy Tofu Taco? Strange Taco helps us shrug off the familiar to try something different and wild, whether it’s in a new taco or a new drink to experience. Plus: Their cocktails are always made with the best, real ingredients– No regrets on that sip.

But, what if a beer drinker wants to play with the wild side? They’ve got options for beer that are anything but ordinary. Entertain your taste buds with a beer that has the bright, zippy flavors in complementary contrast with your creamy Steak and Cheese taco. Get the unexpected with Second Self’s Thai Wheat, a wheat beer that focuses on the in-your-face freshness of ginger and lemongrass. The wheat style of this beer softens the zing of the lemongrass and ginger, giving the beer a full bodied flavor that doesn’t overwhelm. Of course, Strange Taco’s beer list goes beyond one style, they have an extensive list of beers to pair with their selection of over two dozen different tacos.

Find your favorite combo at Strange Taco Bar
225 W Crogan St | Downtown Lawrenceville