Sideline Brings Bluegrass to Duluth

Sideline, a pedigreed six-piece Bluegrass group, is visiting Eddie Owens Presents at Red Clay Music Foundry in Duluth this Saturday, January 9. The band was founded by Steve Dilling, the group’s banjo player, in 2013 and is known for their hit single, “Thunder Dan”. Today, Sideline’s multiple Grand Ole Opry performances along with its member’s honors and recognitions are a testament to the group’s success. 

The name ‘Sideline’ originated as it was a side gig for each member before they ultimately decided to leave their individual music careers when the group’s success began to take off. Steve, who has been performing 47 years, attributes that to the variety of Bluegrass music the group performs including traditional, contemporary, gospel and even some covers, as well as their popularity among crowds. 

“Our biggest goal is to bring a lot of energy and give our fans the best possible experience,” explains Steve. They do this by planning their sets around the crowd and the atmosphere at each show. Making their fans feel heard keeps them coming back time and time again which keeps Sideline booking shows across the country.

According to Steve, Sideline’s proudest accomplishment to date is winning Song of the Year at the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) awards for their hit “Thunder Dan”. Fans can expect to hear it at just about any of their shows, including the upcoming show at Red Clay Music Foundry. Along with it, expect to hear many songs from their newest album “Ups, Downs and No Name Towns.”

Grab a ticket at, request a few songs, meet the band at the merch table, and get ready for an interactive, high energy Bluegrass performance this Saturday.