Rosey: A Lifetime of Music

Photo courtesy: Rosey photographed by Mark Hill

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Atlanta based singer and songwriter, Rosey, is no stranger to the world of entertainment. The artist, whose musical talents span many genres including rock ‘n’ roll, jazz, pop and more, grew up surrounded by a family of talented musicians. Immersed into the music industry at a young age, Rosey followed in her family’s footsteps to become both a songwriter and performer of soulful masterpieces that encompass the many musical genres the singer has grown to love.


To catch a glimpse into the crazy, beautiful life of a musician, we sat down with Rosey to learn a little more about her experiences, her concerts and her songwriting process.


Q: Is Rosey your real name, or your stage name?


A: “Rosey is my stage name & the name of my band. I became Rosey probably 20 years ago. I felt like the world needed a bright, rosey, glow and it really helped me discover myself.”


Q: What did your early days of music look like?


A: “I started out as a singer/songwriter playing clubs in San Francisco & LA… Then I moved to New York City where I gigged in the Lower East Side and Greenwich Village till I got my first record deal with Island/Def Jam. Once I was signed to a record label, I got a publishing deal which brought me into songwriting sessions with R&B artists, rock ‘n’ rollers, pop singers, everybody. I tried to focus on songs for myself, but I was often pulled into other projects, which helped me open up and grow my writing.”


Q: What has your favorite genre of music been to write?


A: “Ultimately jazz, because it’s more complicated. It’s really gratifying to make a composition that shifts from one feeling to another while telling an incredible story. I’m really inspired by songs from The American Songbook, and people aren’t really writing that kind of stuff anymore. I’m trying to keep it alive within myself by bringing that old school style to the modern age.”


Q: What drove you to pursue music despite the many obstacles?


A: “ I don’t think that I had a choice. It was just something within me. Half of my family was in the music business so I grew up working in arenas for concert promoters and record labels, always being surrounded by music. I was really lucky because my first record label really spent a lot of time helping me develop myself and my music. I managed to have some songs on some big soundtracks, which opened me up to an international audience. I had way more fans overseas than I did here. In Istanbul they tell me I’m a superstar.”


Q: What can Peachtree Corners/Gwinnett residents expect from your upcoming show?


A: I’m getting ready to put out a funk record around the time of my show in Peachtree Corners called “I Heard You’ve Been Singing”. I’ll be doing some of my old songs and some stuff from the new album. Most of the stuff I have planned for that show will be funky, psychedelic, rock ‘n’ roll & blues vibes, to keep people dancing and having fun. It’s going to be a good time.”


Q: What advice would you offer someone interested in pursuing a career in the music industry?


A: “You have to be extremely motivated and willing to work night and day. It’s very difficult to have a career as an artist, and support yourself with your art. 


Ultimately, make music because you love it. Make art because you love it. Be true to yourself because it’s easy to meet people that tell you you have to compromise, but I think the most beautiful music comes authentically from your heart. Your words dictate your reality, so it’s important to say the things that are important to you.”


Q: What inspires your songwriting?


A: I am a gardener so I definitely feel inspired by the earth and the plants that come from it. To be able to get my hands in the dirt, being surrounded by birds, bees and other buzzing things really inspires me. I often compare plants and people all synergistically growing together in my songs. I also write a lot about relationships and am very inspired by love. I believe It’s better to love and strike out than never take a chance & feel what love’s about. My biggest goal in my music is to connect with people in a positive and loving way.”

See Rosey in Peachtree Corners summer concert series this summer with her funk band on September 10th, and catch her jazz band the second & fourth Tuesday of the month at Billy Allen’s in downtown Milton. In the meantime, check out her music and learn more about her at 


Follow her journey on social media: @_roseymusic_ on Instagram and @ROSEYMUSIC on Facebook.