Radiating Fun: Exploring the Magic of Radium Springs

We all know about the Seven Wonders of the World, but did you know Georgia has its own Seven Natural Wonders? Trust us, you will want to add this one to your bucket list!

Nestled in Southwest Georgia lies one of Georgia’s Seven Natural Wonders and a true hidden gem, Radium Springs. This captivating oasis boasts a rich history, unique geological wonder and a serene natural beauty that has attracted visitors for generations. After reading this article, you will discover why Radium Springs is a must-add as a pit stop on your next road trip!!

At the heart of Radium Springs lies a geographic marvel – one of the largest natural springs in Georgia. The springs pump an impressive 70,000 gallons of clear water every minute (yes, you read that right) from an underwater cave. Amazingly, the water temperature stays at a cool 68 degrees year-round. The striking blue-green hue of the spring water results from its high mineral content, so be sure to have your cameras ready for its mesmerizing beauty!

Not only is Radium Springs a destination for lovers of natural beauty and the outdoors, but this one’s for you, too, history buffs! Radium Springs is considered one of Georgia’s Seven Natural Wonders partly because of its extensive history that dates back centuries. Radium Springs was initially named Blue Spring by the Creek Indians and was once a sacred site for Native American tribes who believed in the healing properties of the mineral-rich waters. The spring water’s curative powers were believed to cure various ailments, attracting people from near and far. Cool, right? During its prime in 1925, Radium Springs Casino (meaning gathering place, not gambling) became a hot spot for social life in Albany, GA. The resort was closed after losing its customer base during the Great Depression. Still, parts of it opened and closed numerous times over the next several years and hosted elite guests, glamorous parties and memorable events. Unfortunately, the resort was damaged by fire and storms in the 1980s and 1990s, causing the historic buildings to be damaged beyond repair.

However, the property has since been acquired by state and local governments and reopened in 2010 as a historic site. Recent renovations include memorials, the popular Spring Run Bridge, Radium Trailhead with four miles of trails, Overlook Park with outdoor recreation and gym equipment, a fishing pond and a beautiful mural that illustrates the history and progression of Radium Springs throughout the years.

When you visit today, you will see how Radium Springs stands as a testament to the harmony between history, nature and leisure and why it is classified as one of Georgia’s Seven Natural Wonders. So, whether you’re a history buff, a nature enthusiast or simply seeking a peaceful retreat to Southwest Georgia, Radium Springs should be a pit stop on your list.