Party at Your Place…Take Two: Unique and Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Favorite Summer Holidays at Home

We know, we know…social distancing orders are still in place, but lucky for you our party at your place series continues with fun ways to celebrate your favorite summer holidays right in your own backyard (and we mean literally in your own backyard). We started with Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day, and now we are headed into the heat of the summer with Father’s Day and 4th of July. The fun continues, so straighten your party hats DiG peeps, because we’ve got more exciting ways to celebrate the summer coming your way!

Celebrate the Best Dad in the Galaxy by Honking, Movie Watching and Popcorn Eating!

Your dad is the best and you know it, so celebrate him the best way you know how! Whether he is the best dad in the galaxy, your favorite superhero, or has the best hole in one, pick a theme and make him feel special!

– Surprise your dad with a Father’s Day car parade and invite all those that he holds dear to honk for the best dad in the galaxy!

– Have a movie marathon and make your dad the starring role! Whether he is a Stars Wars junkie, a Marvel maniac or a sports fanatic, pick your daddio’s favorite and relax with the fam for the ultimate movie session.

– You can’t have a movie without popcorn, right? But, it’s Father’s Day, so you can’t just have popcorn, you need a popcorn bar! Butter, caramel, cheddar and kettle corn…you need it all, plus toppings, of course!

– Make him a memento, to remember his special day. Whether it is a framed photo, a “homemade” tie or drawing, he will treasure it forever. 

Snap, Crackle, Pop! It’s a Socially Distanced 4th of July!

There is so much fun to be had this 4th of July even in your own backyard! Start with the nostalgia of childhood by readying poppers, sparklers and snappers for a backyard party fit only for our nation’s birthday. Throw in some backyard games, barbecue and maybe even a socially distanced neighborhood parade and you’ve got yourself a red, white and blue celebration! 

-The big fireworks put on a dramatic display, but there is nothing more fun than the poppers, sparklers and snappers of your childhood. Gather your kid-friendly firecrackers and add them to your party display. 

– Round up your favorite backyard games for some friendly competition. Cornhole, ladder ball, spike ball or maybe a friendly game of good old fashioned whiffle ball…it’s all fun and games on the 4th of July!

– Pick your favorite flavor…are you a sweet and tangy, white sauce, mustard, honey or maybe jalapeño? We’re talking ribs here, in case your mouth wasn’t watering yet! Add some watermelon and potato salad and you’ve got yourself a barbecue!

– A socially distanced neighborhood parade is sure to get everyone feeling patriotic. Grab your red, white and blue décor and old glory, of course, for a parade to remember!