Paint the Town Red

…with a night out at Illuminarium!

Have you ever dreamed of visiting space, Wonderland or a lush botanical paradise? Grab your date or group of your besties and head to Illuminarium for an evening of artwork, delicious food and a dance party. The best part? It’s all in one place! 

The Illuminarium is a room-sized art gallery, bar and restaurant that projects larger-than-life visuals from floor-to-ceiling of the exhibition space. Besides the bar, the room is mostly empty, with a few seating areas and tons of standing room to keep the emphasis on the works of art splayed across the room. Keep in mind that you’ll be surrounded by artwork all night long, so plan to bring your camera for jaw-dropping photo ops that are constantly changing.

Before heading downtown, you’ll want to purchase tickets at One ticket is enough if you just plan on visiting for the day. But, if you’re going to experience ‘After Dark,’ the special 21+ art-gallery-turned-night-club with exclusive Illuminarium experiences, you’ll have to purchase a separate ‘After Dark’ ticket. Remember that there are experiences exclusive to “After Dark” so the extra ticket is well worth it. 

Photo Courtesy: Marlee Mack

At this time, you can choose from two daytime experiences: Space, which offers interstellar imagery of starry skies, nebulas and asteroids, or Walking Wonderland, an animated experience (great for younger kids) that allows you to interact with the exhibit as you travel down the rabbit hole and uncover the world of wonderland. If you plan on sticking around (21+), O’keefe is an ‘After Dark’ exhibit featuring gardens painted by the magnificent Georgia O’Keefe. You can also opt for the classic ‘After Dark’ experience which transports viewers through an array of scenic views like the night markets of Tokyo, coral reefs residing in the depths of the sea, and more.

After wandering the exhibit and taking all the photos you possibly can, there’s still more to do! Head to the Lumin Cafe, which sits right off the Atlanta Beltline. You can dine inside or enjoy an al fresco experience on the patio. Lumin Cafe serves primarily American cuisine, with a few unique twists and dishes. If you’re dining after dark, Illuminarium offers a few delicious appetizers for snacking and an extensive drink menu with crafty cocktails inspired by the exhibits. Have your art and drink it too!

Before ending your Illuminarium experience, be sure to check out the shop. If any artist or artwork stands out to you, you won’t miss this. The shop is filled with souvenirs and other goodies that display artwork from each exhibit. So, grab something to commemorate your time and visit again! The exhibits are constantly changing, so there’s always new art to be seen.