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Road Trip: Hot Springs, North Carolina

Predominantly seen through the eyes of Appalachian Trail backpackers and its few residents, Hot Springs, North Carolina is worth checking out for...

Clean Living Clean Up Your Act

“Pro tip: watch out for the word “fragrance.” It’s a little trade secret where companies can list “fragrance” without having to tell you all the...

Therapeutic Date Nights

If you plan on reinventing yourself this new year, make sure you don’t leave your significant other out. In fact, there’s no better time than now to...

A Day in the Life at C3 Fitness

Welcome to C3 Fitness, where “Your Best Life” begins! This local gym has been serving the people of Gwinnett since 2009. C3 Fitness was established...

5 within 50: Family Fun

Holiday season, or as some call it- the best season, is finally here. As family and friends gather around to enjoy each other’s company and...

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