On-The-Go Eateries


Food just tastes better when it’s made in the back of a Volkswagon Van . . . is that the saying? Regardless, it’s no question that food trucks have made quite a splash in the food service industry, and they only seem to be getting bigger. People are standing in lines twice as long and paying twice the price for any greasy food you could dream up, wrapped in tin foil and handed out the window of a truck. So, what’s the appeal? Do these delicious tin foil foods really taste better than restaurants?

Well, maybe. But there’s a much larger factor at play here. Proximity. Owning a food truck offers restaurants the opportunity to reach an entire new pool of potential customers every day. Not to mention, they can follow the crowds. Places like outdoor concerts, breweries and festivals often have the most food truck traffic because they’re large, outdoor gatherings. So yes, that taco you ordered in the middle of a concert may have truly been the best taco you’ve ever eaten, or it may have been the most convenient taco you’ve ever eaten. Either way, food trucks win. 

So, which food trucks can you expect to see around Gwinnett this year? Well, here you go! And yes, these trucks deliver on both taste and convenience. 

Let’s Taco Bout It

Yes, let’s. It may be in the name, but this truck offers way more than just tacos. Choose from delicious tex mex options like bowls, nachos and of course, tacos. You can find Let’s taco Bout It all around the Atlanta area (check out their social media for updates). If you decide to seek them out, make sure to go for Taco Tuesday! They have $2 street tacos all day!

Truck and Tap

Pay close attention to this one. This all-in-one taproom and food truck venue is nothing ordinary. This ever-changing  food truck experience pairs its delicious brews with a different food truck every day. It’s rare you’ll see the same food truck twice. So, if you’re looking to branch out of your culinary comfort zone (and maybe get a little buzz while you’re at it), Truck and Tap is the perfect choice.

Tigi’s Ethiopian

This local Ethiopian joint located in Stone Mountain also has a food truck. These delicious flavors will transport you right out of the country, no passport required! If you stumble upon it this summer, you’ll want to try Tigi’s Awaze Sauce (don’t say we didn’t tell you). With both vegan and non-vegan options, Tigi’s offers a little something for everyone.