Sean Thomason, born at Ft. McPherson Army Hospital in East Point, moved to Norcross at a young age and even graduated from Norcross High School. Sean’s life started with very humble beginnings, being raised by his mother and trying to live on as little as $90 per week. The music, however, was in his blood and his mother told him he was dancing before he could walk to the melody of classic and southern rock. After graduating, Sean joined the United States Army and served almost ten years across two different tours. While in the army, Sean was made lead singer in an European rock band called “Night Fire.” Sean’s experience in the army gave him the opportunity to find proficiency in many different musical styles. Sean eventually landed in LA, working for an entertainment company and singing in some of Vegas’ top shows. Sean’s band followed many of the greats like Tony Orlando and The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson.

Sean enjoys performing various musical styles. Much of his inspiration is taken from artists like Waylon Jennings and George Jones all the way to Sting, Bono, Scott Weiland, Jeff Buckley and Josh Homme. When asked what genre he falls in, he will tell you that he doesn’t put himself into a specific musical classification. Sean can cover a Johnny Cash song and follow it with a tune from Prince, and states that he can be “musically schizophrenic.”

Like a crescendo, Sean’s creative process begins small and then develops as he works the music. Sean told us that many of his original songs have come to him in his dreams. If a melody pops into his head, he is prepared to record it quickly. He will then sit, guitar in hand, to see if his dream “has legs” and will work on developing the music further. Sean also does some “scatting,” where he says some random words and then reworks the phrases into lyrics to see what can be created. Collaboration is also a goal that is on Sean’s mind. If given the chance, he would love to work with Dave Grohl for rock creativity or Sturgill Simpson to generate some innovative country records.

Sean is most proud that he taught himself to play the guitar at the age of 32. He wants his Gwinnett fans to know that if you come to a show, he is extremely approachable, so feel free to come up and say hello and request a song. Sean’s heart is in music and entertaining. He loves this line of work and enjoys the energy he can exchange with his crowd through music and performance.

So, where can you find Sean Thomason? Sean has several active cover projects including:
Klaus’ Band Kamp – 80s-era costumed tribute with focus on mature comedy and a musical theater-style performance.
The Biffs – Corporate 80s-era tribute using preppy costuming to sell the 80s in all their glory without the mature content.
Broken Whisky Glass – Outlaw and classic country standards with focus on the 60’s, 70s, 80s and 90s country as well as some great alternative/country hits from today.
Monica’s Cigar – 90s-era alternative rock/grunge tribute from the 99X days.

You can follow and find more details on each by
using the links below:

Sean runs a busy schedule between working a full-time job and performing from Friday night through Sunday. For a family-friendly vibe, you might find him performing at Famous Joes in Buford (and he recommends the wings!). As a matter of fact, he has an acoustic show scheduled there for September 13th. On September 28th, you can find him at 37 Main performing a big Klaus show, and Sean can also be found at Dixie Tavern in Marietta and Good Ol’ Days in Cumming.

Sean Thomason is an artist with flair, creativity and an aptitude for entertaining. He is just “Living the Dream,” and that’s why we DiG it!