Never Have I Ever…. Made My Own Candles

One hot night in June, while taking a two-step dance class (another story for another time), one of my friends excitedly asked, “Who wants to take a candle-making class tomorrow?”. The menfolk laughed hardily, and a few girlfriends moaned, but the rest of us were all in for a new adventure in adorable downtown Buford! My friend signed us up online, and our plans were made.

I’m not sure what I was expecting because I am a candle enthusiast, but I had never given much thought to how they are made. What I knew about the class was that we could BYOS&B (snacks and beverages), it would cost $25 to make two candles, and I would have quality time with a few besties…sounded like a bargain! So, we packed a few essentials: Prosecco and a makeshift charcuterie board, and off we went.

Rusted Fence (RF) in downtown Buford is a whimsical shop that smells like happiness the moment you step in the door, and the owners are just as delightful. In the back is a sunny classroom full of preset stations with metal trays, beakers, wicks, and an array of scents. We also received a list of scents to make notes of our likes (or dislikes). Basically, everything a mad scientist candle maker needed to mix and match custom candles was at our fingertips. For a few extra dollars, you can upgrade your 8 oz jars to various other vessels. Naturally, we chose this option and opted for rustic, square, wooden cheese molds.

candle makers

RF also provides an eight-step “how to” sheet so you know what the heck you are doing. They also measure the 185-degree hot wax for you to mix with your chosen scent or custom blend. It took me three times to decide on a perfect scent combo, but I ended up choosing a combination of Georgia Peach and Barnwood, for sentimental reasons of my son’s upcoming wedding. Who knew this random, last-minute class would be so much fun, and result in a gorgeous candle I named “The Wedding”? I highly recommend grabbing a few of your favorite people and making memories of your own together!

Things to know:

You don’t walk away that day with your candles. The folks at Rusted Fence babysit them for a few days as the wax hardens and adjusts to any wick shifting that may occur. When you pick them up, they are carefully wrapped in cellophane with twine—I just love an above-and-beyond presentation! They can also refill an existing vessel you already own. I did this with an old dough bowl and I adore it even more now.

Rusted Fence offers community and private classes. Find community class listings online and book private classes via text (678.329.9030). Classes are approximately 1.5 hours.

Rusted Fence
123 West Main St. Buford, GA